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About us

Luna Lounge Studios was birthed when we realized there was a need for a studio that represents our values: creativity and authenticity. Our goal is to provide a space and services that promote creative exploration.

We offer recording, mixing, and mastering services with high-quality gear and talented engineers.  



Eric Lozano

Lead Producer & Managing Partner

Rooted in Philadelphia, Eric Lozano's music is a product of the city's jazz, R&B, and hip-hop influences as well as Latin and reggaeton influences from his Puerto Rican background. Multifaceted as a guitarist and producer, Lozano has worked with various artists providing them with mixing and mastering services as well as guitar samples and live guitar performances.


Renée Williamson

Director of Operations & Managing Partner

 After years of interviewing musicians, sitting down with venue managers for articles and reviewing shows, Renee dove into the marketing and managing side of music to help artists. Her aim was to take on the nitty gritty tasks so that artists can focus on their craft. With that same goal in mind, Renee brings her public relations and journalism background to provide a unique customer experience to all of our clients and partners.

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